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At some point during their online message exchange, lifelong musicians Eli Lev and Megan Leigh came to realize their wildly varied backgrounds made them perfect band mates. Today, the couple creates invigorating, experimental folk-pop through their duo project Wild Whispers with their debut album releasing Summer 2022. The Western Maryland duo has garnered favorable comparisons to The Civil Wars, Of Monsters and Men, Simon & Garfunkel, and has been celebrated as a modern-day Fleetwood Mac. The pair’s songs center on strong male and female vocals, acoustic fingerstyle guitar, and booming percussion while staying true to classic folk and pop framework.

Selected Press Quotes

“Wild Whispers takes everything you know about acoustic pop and folk and flip it on its head- from their lyrical storytelling, to their empyrean harmonies, to their arrangements that challenge the status quo of indie folk.”

- Unheard Gems

“Their inspiring production is fueled by serene vocals, ethereal melodies, and deep lyrics. A unique and powerful duo.”

- Uranium Waves

“Through their intense lyrics and soaring vocals, Wild Whispers gives the audience a glimmer of hope for chasing our wildest dreams, no matter how far they seem for us.”

- Swanodown

“With songs that sound like immense landscapes of space and time, pop duo Wild Whispers takes us into a universe where melody and harmony combine to form deep meaning and expression.”

- Direct Actu


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